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Our Current Grants

We fund across three main programmes - Early Years, The Environment and Young People. AIM's previous nutrition grants are now administered by the Nutritional Wellbeing Foundation, and you can find out more about these on their website.

Early Years

Parent Infant Foundation (PIF) - £120,000 over three years
Parent Infant Foundation is committed to ensuring every baby has a loving and nurturing relationship laying the foundation for their emotional and physical wellbeing. AIM has been supporting PIF since 2019, and the latest multiyear grant awarded in June 2023 is unrestricted.

Home-Start UK - £105,000 over three years
Home-Start’s network of trained volunteers and expert support helps families with young children through challenging times. AIM’s grant is towards developing and delivering their new induction and development programme for senior leaders of their network of Home-start charities across the UK.

Alstrom Syndrome UK - £340,000 over three years
Towards the core costs of their Breaking Down Barriers Project - Understanding genetics together. They have created a network of over 60 organisations working together to address health inequalities to improve the lives of families from diverse and marginalised communities who are affected by genetic conditions.

Wild Young Parents Project - £30,000 over one year
Towards Building a collaborative network to create intergenerational change for young parent families.

The Environment

AIM has responded to the urgent need to increase funding for environmental issues and have signed up to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change. This is a relatively new funding area for AIM. Initially support will be focussed on Restoring and protecting UK Rivers and Coastal Waters and Global Oceans and Coastal Waters. Priority areas are nature restoration when linked to carbon sequestration and working with communities.

River Action - £30,000 over one year
River Action is a UK-based environmental charity committed to addressing the severe problem of river pollution, particularly that caused by agricultural and food industry practices, and sewage discharge by water companies. This is AIM’s first grant to River Action, it is unrestricted and was awarded in July 2023.

Synchronicity Earth - £75,000 over three years
Synchronicity Earth focuses on overlooked critical problems in our oceans, such as poor governance, and their work is based on years of research and engagement with partners. AIM’s grant is towards the research and policy work of their Ocean Programme.

Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services (ACES) - £30,000 over one year
AIM is supporting their long-running, leading-edge blue carbon project in the Mikoko Kenya Mangrove in southern Kenya, which strongly emphasises the principle of community justice in carbon projects.

Environmental Funders Network - £1,000 over one year
AIM supports the Network’s mission is to increase the overall level of financial support for environmental causes and to help environmental philanthropy to be as effective as it can be.

Beaver Trust - £90,000 over three years
AIM is supporting Beaver Trust’s UK work to reintroduce beavers to help build climate resilient landscapes in the UK and restore freshwater habitats & the species that rely on them.

Young People

Impetus - £90,000 over 3 years
AIM has been a long-time funder of Impetus and their work to transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, by making sure they get the right support to succeed in school, work and life. In October 2022 AIM awarded a new multiyear unrestricted grant, which is being used to support Impetus’s research and policy work.

Young Minds - £80,000 over three years
Since 2017 AIM has been supporting Young Minds in its mission to ensure young people get the mental health support they need. AIM’s most recent grant is funding Young Minds’ policy team’s work to influence government and policy.

Anna Freud - £105,000 over three years
Anna Freud works to prioritise mental health and wellbeing of children and young people alongside academic attainment. AIM’s grant is towards Anna Freud’s work in schools, where they support teachers and school leaders to embed good mental health at the heart of their school communities.

Island Careers Partnership (ICP) - £24,000 over two years
This small Isle of Wight charity builds links between education and business to help guide young people into the world of work. In July 2023 AIM awarded a core funding grant to support ACP’s recruitment of a part time administrator.

Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (CYPMHC) - £40,000 over one year
The CYPMHC brings together leading charities to campaign jointly on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. AIM ‘s most recent grant covered the costs of CYPMHC’s year-long enquiry into Behaviour and Mental Health in Schools.

Youthscape - £105,000 over three years
Guided by an advisory board of health care practitioners and teachers, Youthscape aims to help young people with their wellbeing. AIM recently continued its commitment to the Alumina program, a live online service for young people to seek help who are at risk of self-harm.

Youth Access - £85,000 over three years
Youth Access is a national membership organisation for Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Services across the UK. AIM’s first grant to Youth Access is towards the cost of its Community Communications Officer.

The Children’s Society - £90,000 over three years
AIM continues to support the Children’s Society East by contributing to the role of a Young Carer Support Worker in Essex. This role provides one-to-one and group sessions, organising and supporting family activities and developing self-care resources to support hidden young carers.

Place2Be - £100,000 over three years
Place2Be is a children and young people's mental health charity working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools. AIM’s grant supports their qualifying programme, providing accredited training for people from diverse backgrounds to become in-school counsellors.

Sustainable Wellbeing & Family Funds

Hot Or Cool – £295,000 over three years
Based in Berlin, Germany, Hot or Cool uses science to push for systemic change to address the sustainability challenge. AIM supports their Sustainable Wellbeing Programme, specifically the further development of the Happy Planet Index. This is a measure of sustainable wellbeing, ranking countries by how efficiently they deliver long, happy lives using limited environmental resources.

Family Fund Donations

  • Little Village HQ - £1,000

  • Rivers Trust - £1,000

  • Atlantic Salmon Trust - £1,000

  • Friends of St Nicholas Field (St Nicks) - £1,000

  • Country Trust - £10,000

  • British Red Cross - £1,000

  • Young Epilepsy - £1,000

For details of AIM’s previous grants, please either see our annual reports & accounts or 360 Giving.

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