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The AIM Foundation (AIM) is a grantmaking family foundation based in the UK. It was established in 1971 and strengthened in 1989 through the creation of an endowment from proceeds from the sale of a family business, Trebor.

AIM is a proactive funder and we recognise that there are different ways to achieve social and environmental change. We seek to balance our funding between charitable organisations addressing underlying causes and those offering direct support, especially in the area of our family roots, East Anglia.

In 2022/23, we distributed over £1 million in grants to charities across our focus areas. For more information our approach to funding and our grants please click here.

From 2006 to November 2023 the AIM Foundation was the owner of the nutrition business Cytoplan, and AIM used a share of the company’s profits each year to fund specific nutrition wellbeing projects. In July 2023 the Nutritional Wellbeing Foundation (NWF) was established as a separate CIO to AIM and in November 2023 AIM gifted its shares in Cytoplan to the NWF, which is now the sole shareholder in Cytoplan. All nutritional wellbeing grant commitments made by AIM will be honoured and administered by the NWF from January 2024.

AIM’s grant making will continue to be supported by its endowed investment portfolio, the management of which is focused on sustainability & impact, in line with our overall mission.

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